Your questions about the warranty of your electric bicycle

Is my bike under warranty?

Yes, we have carefully repaired and inspected your electric bike and we are delighted to offer you a one year warranty on the battery, motor and electronics of your bike. If you have any problems with your bike within 12 months of purchase, please contact us at

Who takes care of the repair of my electric bike in case of problems?

We will, if possible, help you remotely or through a local bike shop in your area. If this is not possible we will repair your electric bike in our workshop in Gennevilliers and arrange for the return of your bike to us.

Electric bike or electric scooter for daily commuting?

It's time for micromobility! Faster, easier and more ecological to get around, electric bikes and scooters have a lot of advantages. Being stuck in traffic jams will become a distant memory!

What is the life span of an electric bike ? Battery, motor, brakes...

You may be thinking of buying an electric bike and wondering how long it will last. life expectancy of this EAB ? How long will the motor last? How long will the battery last ? What about the brakes?

Electric bike: Bosch or Yamaha motor, which one to choose?

Choosing the right electric bike is not always easy! But with so many motors available, the process has become even more complicated. Among the market leaders are Bosch and Yamaha

Do you still have questions?

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