VanMoof electric bike

Founded in 2009 by Tacos and Ties Carlier, two Dutch brothers, the Dutch brand VanMoof has already won numerous awards. A high-tech, intelligent and connected bike, designed to pedal in the cities of tomorrow. See more

VanMoof electric bike

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Used VanMoof electric bike

The VanMoof electric bike is a popular model, known for its quality, high comfort and simple design. The VanMoof electric bike is a reliable and durable means of transport. Designed for urban use, this city bike is equipped with 24 or 28 inch wheels. The reconditioned VanMoof electric bikes are easy to use and convenient. The best performing bikes from Vanmoof are the VanMoof X3 and VanMoof S3 models.

Features of the VanMoof connected electric bike

The VanMoof bike improves the life of urban cyclists and offers a unique and perfect experience on the road. The VanMoof S3 and X3 are equipped with an automatic gearing system for a light and smooth feel. The four integrated gears adapt to all urban conditions. With an intelligent and silent motor, a boost mode for climbing hills, the VanMoof S3 and X3 also have a good range of between 60 and 150 km. The VanMoof bikes are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes and an integrated 504 Wh battery and LED matrix display. You will appreciate the modern look and the choice of trendy colours: black or sky blue. An elegant and original bike that is perfect for standing out in the middle of city traffic. The VanMoof electric bikes have many features that house all the technological innovations and smart equipment: location and position tracking, anti-theft protection to secure the wheels, designer luggage rack, waterproof clothing, integrated lighting, VanMoof smartphone application, etc. 

Refurbished VanMoof electric bikes: the best of the Dutch electric bikes refurbished in France

Holland is the home of the high-end bicycle. Amsterdam is the cycling capital of the world. Did you know that in Amsterdam alone there are 881,000 bicycles and 500 km of cycle paths? The Dutch bicycle brand VanMoof has therefore developed an electric bicycle suitable for city traffic. A two-wheeler with optimum strength and comfort for daily and intensive use. Everything is designed to make it easier for you to travel long distances. Shopping, delivery, commuting... You pedal without any fatigue! The VanMoof brand, specialised in urban electric bikes, has developed the electrically assisted bike (EAB) to replace the car. A well-known brand in the world of electric bikes that never stops innovating and surprising us. Discover the leading models of the VanMoof brand, innovative bicycles to ride on any occasion! 

A top-of-the-range electric bike for a comfortable ride, good stability and an unbeatable safety feature.